When designing buildings and erecting walls the dimensions of the wall material are taken into account and the elements of the nomenclature are only used. The composition of the building material RKK-Equator and compatibility of all its elements prevent from installation errors, facilitate and accelerate the construction process as the masons save time with no need for cutting out the final assembly from thermoblocks for masonry.


Thermoblocks are laid on up to another one with the tongue-and-groove channel facing down. The usual solution or finish fine glue is evenly applied 3-5 mm thick only to a concrete part of the material. Insulating layer is worked up with polyurethane foam. Reinforcement is placed according to the project. Wiring and plumbing grooves as well as ventilation shafts are also projected at the stage of super energy efficient material production. For the construction of buildings, the range of materials includes the following elements:


*** Detailed recommendations on design and application of the four-wall super energy efficient material RKK-Equator are available on request.

The elements of material RKK-Equator



The basic raw material used in production of the four-wall super energy efficient building block RKK-Equator is a supplied certified product. For more details on technical parameters and properties of the constituent materials please refer to the links below:


Cements ( Kunda Nordic Tsement. www.knc.ee).


Crushed stone gravels (AS Harku Karjäär. www.killustik.ee);


Granite gravels (Rudus AS. www.rudus.ee).


Expanded clay gravels (Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted AS, www.weber.ee).


Sand (AS Silikaat. www.silikaat.ee).


Fluidizing agent (Semtu AS. www.semtu.ee).


Colour pigments (Semtu AS. www.semtu.ee).


Fiberglass reinforcement (PMD Baltic OÜ. www.pmdbaltic.com).


Heat insulation – polystyrene foam EPS (Estplast AS. www.estplast.ee. Reideni Plaat AS. www.reideniplaat.ee)

or SPU heat insulation  (www.spu.fi)




The outer and inner layers are interconnected with fiberglass reinforcement.The top layer of the material fulfils protective and decorative functions. It is made of dense concrete according to the patented technology ‘RKK-Equator’ and may be of any colour and texture. If need be, the façade may undergo plastering and painting.

Technical parameters

The concrete for RKK-Equator is made from granite, expanded clay and crushed stone gravels. Due to these constituents, the material acquires different flexibility with no influence on its heat-efficient properties.

Table 1. Technical parameters of the building material RKK-Equator


Water resistance

Water and moisture do not penetrate through the top layer of the material as it has very low absorbency. This is especially important in a damp coastal climate.


Thick airtight top layer of the building material RKK-Equator has a dual function as it protects the exteriors of the building from any weather conditions and mechanical damage and retains heat inside.


The material has stable frost-resistance. It prevents sharp temperature fluctuation in any climatic zone and creates a favourable domestic climate. Due to this fact, the houses built of this material keep cosiness and warmth in a cold weather and provides pleasant coolness when it is hot outside.

Noise suppression and sound insulation

The four-wall construction of a building block with different density of materials and sufficient thickness of ultralight microporous insulation with low thermal conductivity provide the material RKK-Equator with perfect properties of noise suppression and sound insulation.

Fire safety

The material RKK-Equator does not burn and is resistant to durable high temperatures. It relates to refractory materials A1 class. Insulation provided inside the wall structure is completely protected with concrete.

Strength and durability

High density of the top concrete layer provides higher resistance to the aggressive environment in any climate zone. Internal concrete walls perfectly protect the insulation from any external and internal damaging factors. Strength and density of the concrete provide for durability of a massive construction of the chief wall.

Ready-made material

The material RKK-Equator is 100% operationally ready and does not require additional treatment, grinding or sawing. The material has ready top layer, embedded insulation and a tongue-and-groove channel for fiberglass reinforcement maximum Ø 6 mm.

Healthy and eco-friendly

RKK-Equator is an eco-friendly material that neither contains nor emits harmful substances. The material retains its performance over the entire life-cycle.

Energy saving

Built of the super energy efficient material RKK-Equator the houses with the finish walls that are 40 cm thick have stable heat conductivity with no additional insulation. With NO traditional systems of heating these houses DO meet the requirements of energy efficiency for buildings.

It's time to decide! Be with GREEN ENERGY – Be Ecological!

Application of RKK-Equator

High Energy efficient wall material RKK-Equator: Brief Application Technology



Thin-layer adhesive solution is evenly applied with a notched trowel (tooth 8-9 mm) on a concrete surface of the material. Special glue for concrete / expanded clay blocks is used in masonry.



Classical masonry. Construction finish joints are 3 - 5 mm. Avoid formation of smudges on the surface of the front side of the building material. Point the outer joint. Vertical and horizontal joints of insulation are filled with polyurethane foam (2-3 strips) from a spray pistol on the entire depth and across the width of the insulation material.


Size and Material Readiness

The material does not require any additional treatment on the site. It also has tongue-and-groove, plumbing and electric channels that are ready for reinforcement. Ready for masonry.


Transverse walls

The transverse walls are ligated or placed back to back with the longitudinal wall.



Before masonry works the foundation is laid up with a waterproof material. The lower layer without the ridge veneer is placed on a solution. Then, its surface is dusted with a brush. An adhesive finish layer of  8-9 mm is placed with a notched trowel on the prepared flat surface.

1. First row of thermoblocks must be laid perfectly on a level, whereas the subsequent laying is simply assembled.

2. When placing the lower row it is strongly recommended to do waterproofing in order to avoid penetration of moisture.

3. After finishing the work cover the upper rows of stacked thermoblocks with a film in order to avoid penetration of moisture.


*** Detailed recommendations on design and application of the four-wall high energy efficient material RKK-Equator are available on request.


Build your durable and heat-efficient stone house of RKK-EQUATOR!


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RKK-Equator in low-rise housing

6 mm

RKK-Equator in multistorey housing

Critical dimension features of thermoblocks and concrete blocks meet the requirements for Category.  The building material RKK – Equator complies with the Standard EN 771-5: 2011 and has CE-marking.

Technical data

Typical installation

1. Kinetic Power Plant

2. Control Unit

3. Infrared Heating

4. Energy Storage

5. Warmwater-heatpump / storage

6. Consumer

7. Electric meter

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