Material RKK-Equator   

Patented  energy efficient building material for walls, Model RKK-Equator (rus:  extreme continental climate) is a new modern building material for the chief wall that has high heat-saving properties and durability. The name of thermoblock is commonly used.


This material is a combination of almost all benefits of easy and rapid construction of ready chief walls and comfortable stay in a thermally efficient modern stone house.


This combination of properties cannot be found in most of existing thermo-blocks and other wall materials. Thus, the energy efficient wall material RKK-Equator can be effective enough to be applied in building not only houses, but also industrial and food stores, food storages and refrigerators. The range of products manufactured on equipment allows constructing residential and industrial buildings according to various projects, including individual ones.


The  energy efficient concrete material for walls is made from available certified local raw material. A flexible technology of manufacturing concrete products is mostly handmade, with no damage for the environment.




The main advantage of the wall material RKK-Equator (rus:  extreme continental climate) is its energy efficient property in any climatic conditions. With a high coefficient of thermal resistance, the material allows cutting expenses by 5 to 25 times, i.e. sometimes NULLIFY them in comparison to traditional wall materials and building blocks. The energy efficient properties are constant, i.e. the material RKK- Equator allows solving the problem of LACK OF HEAT BALANCE over their life-cycle as well as:


Does not require additional outer insulation of the foundation;

Does not require additional outer and inner insulation of walls;

And does not require additional sound insulation.


 For the four-wall material the dew point is different from that for the conventional porous brick or block. The dew point is beyond the heat-insulating layer of the material that is why it does not affect the walls of the building.


The walls built of the super energy efficient material are not destroyed by freezing due to lack of destructive factors (refers to water absorption by the material with further repeated freezing).


The exterior walls built of the super energy efficient material RKK-Equator have very low water absorption. Water and humidity do not simply ooze in. This factor is especially important in the areas with high humidity.


The material RKK-Equator does not require additional finishing (facade) decorative coat. A textured layer of the material has lifetime durability with no need in renovation and overhaul of façade coatings with respect to integrity of the wall structure.


A top layer of the material has high density that provides its resistance to fading under the influence of natural phenomena. The material neither cracks nor loses its properties over the life-cycle of the building.


A tongue-and-groove channel up to Ø 6 mm is available!!! To intensify reinforcement in seismic zones.


The high energy efficient material RKK-Equator is ahead of some of the existing wall materials and thermoblocks with respect to its thermal performance, high availability, aesthetic appeal and durability.


Heat / noise-insulated part - expanded polystyrene EPS or polyurethan SPU.


Why to use EPS or SPU?


EPS and SPU is one of the most efficient, ultra-light, porous insulating materials in the ratio of price and quality. It is characterized by: high quality of heat / sound insulation. Structural strength. No shrinking. Resistance to stress. No eventual rotting and decomposing. High hydrophobicity and moisture resistance. Poor electrical conductivity. Chemical resistance to salts, acids, alkalis, animal and vegetable fats, alcohol, and cement. Creating no favourable environment for micro-organisms and plants. Resistance of heat / noise-insulation to infra-red rays, any weather conditions, fire, rodents, mechanical damage over the life-cycle of a building with respect to a holistic wall of the building. Ready EPS and SPU material are no harm for human health and environment


High air quality in the room that requires mechanical ventilation with heat recovery air. Air exchange and temperature control must be fully automated and reliable in operation.


With a total thickness of the wall of only 40 cm, the material is very tight, i.e. windproof and waterproof, that is of great importance for passive houses.


Spacesaving is due to thermal efficiency and durability of the blocks.


The super energy efficient material Kremnegranit PKK is ahead of some of the existing wall materials and thermoblocks with respect to its thermal performance, high availability, aesthetic appeal and durability.


Build your durable and heat-efficient stone house of RKK-EQUATOR!


         Be smart and do not overpay!


Comparative characteristic

Despite its apparent simplicity, the four-wall building material RKK-Equator  (rus: for the extreme continental climate) fully justifies its name that is aptly described in the demonstration plot below:

Over its life-cycle, the building constructed with the super energy efficient wall material

RKK-Equator is sure to provide the residents with cutting energy expenses by 5 up to 25 times witnin the winter and reducing significantly power consumption of air conditioners in the summer in comparison to those who dwell in houses built of traditional wall materials or standard building blocks.


 The combination of frost-resistant concrete and texture layers with expanded polystyrene or poliuretan (EPS or SPU) insulation allows erecting buildings with an estimated life-cycle over  at least 100 years.


The erected buildings have beautiful appearance due to implementation of the unique technology of staining concrete (finishing coat) at the stage of material production. The top layer of the material is made of the patented specially formulated ‘Kremnegranit” and may be of any texture and colour that allows avoiding façade and renovation works over the life-cycle of the building.


 The inner layer is styrofoam insulation that does not require additional outer and inner insulation of walls and basement.


The inner base layer of the heatblock consists of Leca or gravels, depending on the type of project requirements and number of storeys of the building.


The total weight of the building built of the thermally efficient material is reduced due to the internal heat-insulating layer and the use of expanded clay. The expenses on foundation when erecting a building are significantly reduced.


 Material readiness 4:1 (four in one): construction, time, heating, savings:

− does not require additional materials or insulation of basement and

  exterior and interior walls;

− does not require additional façade facing;

− prevents from extra transport costs;

− reduces a construction time;

− prevents from further renovation materials and works;

− and minimizes home heating costs over the life-cycle of the building.


The ability of a massive structure of the building from energy efficient material to accumulate and keep invisible heat is the distinctive feature of RKK-Equator. Consumption of inner invisible heat of the building almost nullifies additional heating costs, depending on the project of a passive house.


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