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....before visiting our site many people stick to the past traditional thinking and understanding of a physical phenomenon of lack of heat balance, i.e. space heating is insufficient. The buildings without traditional heating facilities are almost unusable for an adequate everyday human life.


As a result of a multi-year study, a Russian inventor from Nizhniy Novgorod has managed to get a new physical phenomenon of "EXCESS OF HEAT BALANCE" in continuously-operated premises.


What is the essence of the phenomenon? It means heat and therefore comfort and cosiness in the rooms of a stone building even in the areas with the extreme continental climate without traditional heating systems... Many people can hardly imagine and accept the idea of premises with neither a radiator under the window-sill nor a fireplace, a wood burning stove or oil filled, pellet or gas boilers.


Today in terms of constant rise in prices for energy, heating services and living space, the following issues are becoming of significant importance: improvement of durability and mechanical, fire, environmental and hygienic safeties as well as increase in thermal efficiency of houses, commercial and industrial buildings throughout their lifetime. The above mentioned factors are of great importance both for the human and environment as harmful emissions are reduced, natural resources and energy are preserved, heating and cooling expenses are decreased, comfort of living space is upgraded and investing into the construction of such buildings are justified.


If you know how you can cut expenses by 5 to 25 times, i.e. sometimes NULLIFY them in comparison to traditional systems of heating.


***We must inform you in good time that in any climatic zone when constructing passive stone buildings with almost NO energy consumption for heating the priority is not only materials, thermal conductivity and airtightness of outdoor enclosures, compact architecture solutions, ventilation system and INNOVATIVE SYSTEMATIC KNOWLEDGE, but also MEETING these conditions.


The operational space with no traditional system of heating has a number of sources of invisible thermal energy. They are a lighting system, operation ofhousehold appliances or office equipment, electronics, industrial or technological equipment, the energy emitted by people or animals andthe solar energy that penetrates into the rooms through the windows.

Now we know how the invisible heat is accumulated and stored. We are happy to share this information to build your new residential or industrial passive (0 - Energy) stone buildings.



It's time to decide! Be with «GREEN ENERGY»!  Be Ecological!



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About us

ECOTOPLINE team actively keeps the direction of the development and expansion of construction of low-rise eco-friendly and thermally efficient premises (houses, cottages, commercial, residential and industrial buildings) from modern materials with respect to innovative integrated solutions that protect interests of the both parties: the ecological environment and the consumer.


Today we offer patented  energy efficient wall material ‘RKK - Equator (rus: extreme continental climate) and complex innovative solutions for construction of passive stone buildings of the new generation according to the Russian technology “EXCESS OF HEAT BALANCE”.


ECOTOPLINE allows producing materials for the chief wall,warm and comfortable passive stone houses (depending on the project and region) with no traditional systems of heating by a small construction group for any climate zone.


Our mission is to offer more ecologically pure innovative products and ideas for the thermal efficiency of buildings with respect to a complex of solutions: ‘Economical and environmentally friendly’.


The overall vision is to inspire people for new opportunities and technologies and expand the boundaries of the impossible.


The objectives are to develop and increase production and sales of high quality concretes..


Our values:


Quality – every step starting from ordering materials and production up to delivery of products to customers is thoroughly planned. This is how the highest quality products and services are provided.


Professionalism and quality are imperatives to our business.



Flexibility – company activities are based on flexibility of production and manufacturing technologies that provide opportunities to produce concrete products with respect to individual needs and requirements of customers.


Teamworkis the foundation of our success that is aimed at meeting a common goal.We follow the concept of the development of team work that is the only way we provide growth of the company success.


Slogan:  “Economical and environmentally friendly”.


ECOTOPLINE is the exclusive representative of the Russian enterprise ‘RKK-Equator in Europe on the basis of the Certificate of Representation. The patent-copyright in the production and manufacturing technologies of ‘RKK-Equator’.


The products are CE certified and have CE marking.

Green Energy.  Generator

Being Dealers of German company  GAIA-ROSCH GmbH, we offer you an additional alternative solution regarding power supply of your 0 – Power supply for your building (or any other structures) using a next generator of new "Green Energy" series:

  • - does not depend on the sun and wind,
  • - does not require any kind of fuel,
  • - able to operate for 24 hours and 365 days a year,
  • - applicable in all climate zones,
  • - does not require batteries.
  • - small area of installation.

This patented generator is a proof of the ability to produce electric current by alternative means, through the use of law of Archimedes (force of gravity).  It is known that the special compressors and rotary current generators with powerful neodymium magnets are used for that purpose.

The generator has been tested under TÜV and also has CE Certification.


We offer a complete solution package:

  • - technical consulting,
  • - architectural solution/designing,
  • - delivery to your site,
  • - technical installation,
  • - and guarantee service of the generator.


It's time to decide! Be with «GREEN ENERGY»!

Be Ecological!

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